Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tulasidalam Yoga ashram

About Smt.Sindu.V.Nayar our main yoga instructor: Most of us here(older & younger) address her as 'Chechi' meaning sister. She is married into the family of Sreeramashram for 23years now. She lives at her residence adjoining the ashram with her family. For living she works as a business woman running the inherited family retail outlets of watches and jewellery. A born karmayogi destiny paved for her the path of teaching yoga which she is happy to accept.

Brief about the ashram:Tulasidalam Yoga ashram is a center of intense yoga practice with very limited number of aspirants who are blessed in the path of spiritual yoga based on ashtanga & Hatha yoga.Ashram is kept as an exclusive small traditional yoga center in all its purity and authenticity in teaching and yogic living. The classes are held at the ashram and kalari. The yogic aspirants are accommodated in the student cottages adjoining the residence of Smt.Sindu Nayar, the main yogic guide.Vegetarian food is served at the residence itself with the family.There is facility to attend the incoming phone calls.The common activities starts at 6.00am everyday.

Yoga Teacher training course

Yoga Teacher training course (200 hours yoga alliance india registred certificate)

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Curriculum with Sindu's notes.

Every human being have the potential and knowledge to be liberated. We help to unfold this potential in you discovering your style through a supporting open approach. This yoga program transforms Yoga practitioners of experience into Yoga Teachers by coming to know your true potential through guidance.